I am Paula Owen, an International award winning, professional photographer specializing in Newborn, Baby, Maternity, Kids and Family photography for the Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler areas. I also very much enjoy Glamour, Portrait and Boudoir Photography.  I guess I really just love photography in general ;).

I have worked as a professional photographer for clients based in Australia, Singapore, Germany and Canada. I love working in Vancouver and the beautiful Sea to Sky corridor, with most of my clients being from the Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler areas.


I have always been into art, I won my first Art competition at 8 years old, drawing a portrait of a woman picking oranges (we had been to a near by orange farm and I had drawn what I remembered) I also won and award for a pastel drawing of Hally's comet! I have a minor in Fine Art, a diploma in Graphic Design and a Degree in Sociology.  I have travelled the world taking photographs of the most interesting looking people in Africa, India, South America, Europe and of course North America. I love to create and I think that is why I like taking a creative approach with my photographs. I enjoy making a piece of art than simply a photograph.


I would love to give you something that you can put on your wall, not only because it is your family but because it captures everything that can be said. 


In having my own children I have found that it is not the posed images that I like, I want the uninhibited images where my children look and act exactly as they are. Those are the moments I want to cherish and remember for ever!

I would love to capture the moments in your lives that you would love to keep as a memory. Your pregnancy, the birth of your newborn child, and those fleeting moments when your kids are little.

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Newborn, Maternity, Baby, Kids and Family, Portrait photographer for Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and Squamish